Top 15 Best Business Ideas with Low investment and High Profits

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In a growing economy like India, You will have many opportunities for starting up a business, however in case if you fail it may hit you badly both financially and Psychologically, Choosing a Best Business idea that matches your interest, your investment capacity and risk-taking capacity is the key to success in any business.

You may be aware, One of the world’s Richest man Jeff Bezos is making money just by connecting Businesses with users( Amazon). Innovative ideas always make wonders in the long run. same is the case with Uber, Ola, Zomato, Swiggy etc.

I have listed the top 15 Best Business ideas across the globe with High Profits and Low investments, You can choose your own after some research based on your location and based on your targetted customers.

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  1. Cafe with Cricket matches/Sports: This is a very high-level business in major cities in India and across the world. You can start a cafe with many TV displays and clear theatre sound system and host a match. while your customers enjoy watching their favorite match you can sell them your food/snack items. You can even keep entry fees for big event shows. This is the best business idea for India where most of the crowd loves to watch gaming like cricket, football etc.
  2. The famous traditional taste of your Home town Food: In today’s world of Pizzas and Burgers, Young generation is missing the traditional food. starting a food center with a good theme will be the best business idea with low investment.  I have seen many success stories of such ideas in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc. I personally miss eating traditional Food in banana leaf sitting down on the floor. Many restaurants have this concept of banana leaf but they don’t make arrangements of seating on the floor. You can use this concept.
  3. Mobile car repair center: 4 wheeler vehicles can breakdown anytime during road journeys, many many times people will be helpless, having mobile car repair services center will actually work near highways.
  4. Open Preschool with the franchise: many parents are preferring to send their kids to innovative preschools, these preschools are high in demand nowadays, you can even extend such concepts to nonmetro cities where such concept is relatively new.  also, these days school fees of famous private schools are very high and parents are not willing to spend such high cost for preschool kids
  5. Play area /Kidz Zone: You can start a kids zone with fun games, you can even host kids birthday parties and school kids gathering with fun and earn money.
  6. Customized Gift shop: This is an innovative best business idea with low investment, the Customised Gift shop offers a wide range of products like Printed T-Shirts, Mugs, Chocolates with customized photo wrappers, Photos, wall posters etc. You can sell these products online too by registering in Amazon or Flipkart etc.
  7. Gold Plated/ Antique type ornaments: These days, many people are wearing this kind of ornaments for many parties/ special occasions, This antique business is one of the most traded business these days. You can consider this if you have an interest in them!
  8. Dance Training Centre: This is one of the best business ideas with low investment, works with your talent and art of dance. You can start this at your home first and then move to institute range after gathering repo. You can make your students participate in many dance shows/competitions happening around your location. This gives them encouragement and Trust.
  9. Referral Marketing Business: These days many business/ manufacturers will concentrate on their core area of manufacturing, you can be a good Marketing partner for them. You can introduce their products across the industry and get a handful commission. this is similar to Amazon. Uber, Ola, but in a different field with your smart work.
  10. Pickel Making: If you are good at making pickles, you can start selling them to nearby shops with your own brand. You can even start selling online. This is a low cost best business idea which can be done from home.
  11. Make Hand made Crafts: If you are an artist of making Gift items like dolls, idols, innovative wall paintings, you can start selling them online or open a gift shop. These days gifting artistic items is considered as one of the greatest memory which one can give.
  12. Election time Business Idea with low cost: In view of the upcoming election, many parties will be requiring a lot of election campaign materials, if you are an artist, and can employ few of workers, you can make handful money
    1. Create election Banners
    2. Photos wallpapers
    3. Party flags
    4. Vehicle /Car decoration with party logos and photos etc.
    5. Many more as required for election.
  13. Yoga Training: These days Yoga is promoted worldwide, with increased awareness if you have training capability, you can become a good trainer from home.
  14. Rent a room in Airbnb: This is one of the best upcoming best business ideas with low investment.- This is considered as one of the extra sources of income
  15. Trading of Rice/Pulses: You can open a Trading shop near your location, you can bring in good quality rice from nearby farming lands and earn money.

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These best business ideas require very low or nil investments at starting, and are having proven success in the industry. Choose the best that suits you based on your interest.  You need to be passionate about your selected business, proper planning, adjusting as per market conditions from time to time are key to success.


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