Trending Business Ideas with High Profits

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Do remember, You are in the Business of Making Money in any business ideas, Irrespective of any field, area or location,

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Latest Trending business ideas In India 

Start a Digital Service solution provider

Many Corporates are now scaling up their operations with help of Latest Digital solutions to simplify their works. You can gain knowledge of their area and start providing ideas of Digital solutions like converting physical systems to Online. If you remember in earlier days many companies were using a physical register to maintain the attendance of employees. But now almost everywhere we can see Fingerprint/Digital readers for capturing attendance which saves a lot of efforts and with more accuracy. This is just a basic example. You can think of many such options based on your interest. some of them are listed below. [emaillocker][/emaillocker]

  • Machine programming, productivity solutions
  • Online web-based meeting solutions to avoid travel costs
  • Creating videos for training instead of spending time on physical training
  • Artificial Intelligence based solutions.
  • Logistics improvements, Material trackers etc.
  • Many other solutions which you may find in your business journey!

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Start a Fun filled Indoor Play Zones in shopping Malls.

Many of developing cities in India where new Shopping malls are coming up, you can rent a space to set up a Play Zone area for kids, which can include following

  • Riding games,  Ball pit for kids, Video games, sliding Games, shooting games etc.
  • You can add activities from Flitobox,

This model of Gaming zone is highly successful in Most of the major metro cities in India, this can be a nice idea for developing cities, you can set up your won Brand and scale up as you grow.

Become a Fashion Designer

These days the latest fashion wears are the must have for all, People are crazy about a designer wear dresses.  I have seen people spending a hefty sum of rupees for dress stitching on casual /special occasions.

If you are creative and passionate about fashion designing, You can learn and keep updated about the latest trends, you will have a huge potential to earn good amount of money.

You can do this part-time as well at home, whenever you have time you can take orders. If it clicks well, you can think of scaling up with branches!

You can even sell designer dresses Online to make quick money! You can start with by buying a reasonably good Sewing machine with necessary accessories, you can even order them online in Amazon! as simple as that.

You can buy from Amazon with all applicable discounts and you can choose as per your Budget and requirement.

You may use this link:

Start an Evening Food/Chat corner.[emaillocker][/emaillocker]

Food Business has very high success rates in India, There are many people who earn decent money. Returns will be more than 30 to 40% in the food business. Always remember food Quality, Hygiene place and of course Tasty food are the main factors to keep you going high.

If you really have a good recipe and if you have a location where you have the potential for such food corner like Sandwich shop, a variety of Dosas and chat corners etc. you can sell them on Swiggy, Zomato, Uber eats etc.

If you get a good name in the field, you may get a big party and bulk orders and scale up.

Become a Freelancer/Trainer

If you are good in your field of interest or your professional work, you can give training to next generation by conducting training /Demo classes, Many training institutes will hire professionals for weekend sessions, you can enroll your self for such opportunities.

You can give training to Students in colleges, Training Institutes, Gym/Yoga Trainer etc.

You can register your self with Fastest growing App based services like Urban clap for based on your profession like accountancy, tax-related services, Home tutor etc.

Who can start these businesses?

  • India is the fastest Growing economy, it is very easy for any business to start, You need to do your proper planning & groundwork before you start.
  • Anyone who has passion, Thrust, Vision can think of starting up a business
  • Hard work, Smart managing skills are essential for success.
  • It is wrong if you think you require high capital to start a successful business, there are several business ideas which will fetch you huge money with very little investment.
  • College students, aspiring entrepreneurs can take up such opportunities.

I have just listed very few high profitable Business Ideas here, This is just to give you an idea, you may start any other business suiting to your capability and location.

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