How to cure most of the Diseases & lose excess weight from just fasting? Low-cost, effective idea

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These are the summarised points to cure all your diseases and lose excess weight from Home by simple fasting. these are summarised points from the reference websites mentioned in this post below.

This has worked for many of the people around the world. Hope it helps you too!

These days, the weight loss industry is one of the major growth industry, I have seen people spending heavy amounts to reduce weight and feel light.

But as an alternative, you can reduce weight sitting at home!

NO. I am not telling about your well known GM diet plan 🙂

First Take out Toxins from your Body!

Get Rid of waste sitting in your body, in other words, Give your Internal Body a bath.

Once that happens you will automatically lose weight, have clearer skin, Greater Energy and much more mental clarity.

This is only for adults, who don’t do much of physical activities in day to day life.

Before we learn about curing diseases, let’s discuss what happens to food once it enters your Body!

At first, it goes into your stomach, where its broken down into small pieces, and then to intestines and then it finally exits in the form of waste!.

Do you think all the food you eat will take the same amount of time? Of course No!

  • Fruits take about 3 hours to digest and eliminate
  • Vegetables take a little longer about 6 hours
  • Grains like haet, rice etc. They take 18 Hours to digest and eliminate completely.

These numbers are just estimated to have an idea of digestion time.

Less the water in substance, the larger time it takes to process through our system.

Many of us will eat 3 times or sometimes 4 times a day. Means before the last meal completely digested, we are actually throwing the next meal inside, quite naturally last meal is left undigested, it decays inside, it grows moles, viruses, fungus inside our intestines.

You might have heard about tapeworms being found inside many peoples intestines?

Of course, they didn’t eat those Tapeworms!  These are mainly due to undigested food sitting inside our body and intestines!

You might have heard this saying.

You are what you eat. that true but more importantly you are what you ate!

According to Ayurveda, if your Food is Wrong, Your Medicine is of no Use. If your Food is the right medicine of no use!

That Pizza you ate a year ago may be still sitting inside you, stuff like Bread, cheese, biscuits, Tea, coffee, fast food, sugar etc.

Any food that is not directly coming from mother nature is very hard to digest!  They stick to walls of our intestines and forms a thick coating inside.

Naturally, this waste will move inside our body and gest struck, It may block purified blood circulation to many parts of the body, we call these diseases.

  • if it sticks to layers of our skin, we call it as acne, pimples, etc. etc.
  • It may form Stone in the kidney.
  • You may become Excess weight, If you want to lose the waist, you have to lose your waste!

  • If it sticks to our intestines then Constipation. Constipation is the mother of all the diseases we get.

So in order to get rid of this problem we need to take out this waste first.

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The easiest way to achieve this is with Intermittent Fasting

  • It improves the healing power of your body. your immunity power will get increased.
  • Makes you lose weight, Cure most of the diseases.
  • Many documentaries are available to prove that fasting cures Cancer without any medicines.
  • Our body is a gift of mother nature, Even if you had a fracture in your hand or leg, by joining with plaster the broken bone will join back.
  • When you get a cut on your body, even if you don’t put a band aid on it, In a few days it stitches itself back again together.
  • What is that power that stitches it back, its Healing Power! This is an enormous, Magnificent gift by our mother nature.
  • Our Healing mechanism is very powerful, can it not cure all your diseases, Cures your Diabetes, Lose excess weight? Of course Yes.
    • Healing power does not know what disease you have, these names are given by doctors!
    • Once it started fixing it starts fixing everything, No matter what your problem is.
    • Our Body needs to perform its work, that only happens when you allow it.
    • We never let our Healing power do its work, we constantly interrupt it, we keep diverting it, By always Eating.
    • As soon as we eat something, Healing power leaves whatever it was doing before, and starts digesting and eliminating your food.
    • So Healing stops and Digestion begins, Unfortunately, we are constantly eating!
    • If your healing power needs to work for curing your problems You need to give Digestion a break from time to time
    • Research says Giving 16 Hours break in every day will help you get rid of most of the problems!

How intermittent fasting works?

    • If you eat Dinner at 8 PM, Eat nothing till the next day at 12 PM.
    • at 12 Noon, you can have your first meal
    • So you are actually giving break from 8 pm to 12noon the next day that is 16 Hours and eating in only 8-hour window.
    • If you are unable to stay fast for such a period, in the morning you can have easily digestible juices like vegetable juice, Coconut water etc., but no fruit juice, coffee or milk
    • It is much easier than it sounds! most of the time you are fasting you are actually sleeping 🙂
    • This is how our mother nature designed our body, Our ancestors didn’t have refrigerators and food all around the clock, some times they didn’t find anything to eat.
    •  So if you do fasting regularly its more natural.
    • When you don’t have to think about your food till noon, you are much more productive, you get more things done

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What Food to take to improve Healing Power?

  • Pre Breakfast before 10 AM
    • Coconut water/Ash guard juice
  • First meal at 12 Noon
    • Fresh seasoned fruits
  •  Lunch may be at 2 PM
    • Chapati, rice etc. – Do not overeat.
  • Dinner at 7 or 8 PM
    • Salad or soup
  • Avoid Nonveg food

Hope it helps in saving your Medicine bills, Weight loss problems, Treatment bills like VLCC, High Gym fees just to reduce weight etc.

This is only for adults, who don’t do much of physical activities in day to day life.

All the best!

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